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09/12: does not leave message


09/20: call several times a day

09/27: Doesn't leave a message when they call. They have been calling continuously for over a month. When I call back I am put on hold by a recording, and then they never pick up.

09/27: Call multiple times a day with a message of hold please for the next available agent.

09/29: Recorded message with an English speaking voice (woman) giving us an option to identify, or put on hold, but I just decided to hang up because this was an unfamiliar number

10/01: No info to give. This is the first time I've seen this number on my phone.

10/09: Does not leave message but has called several times

10/23: 803-740-3308 Calls and leaves no message. Calls about the same time each day

10/24: I pressed 1 and a man came on the line and asked me for my mailing address and ssn. when i refused he got very nasty and so i disconnected

10/29: Automated message...pressed the number to tell them they had the wrong number but it just hung up on me.


11/13: 803 740 3308 was a machine....computer voice says when answering machine pics up no message is left

11/15: Calls 3-4 times a day when i call back it says your call is very important to us then hangs up

11/16: A British sounding recording asked me twice if this was the number for me, but it used my first name, middle initial and last name. I only use that for legal or medical related things, otherwise I go by my middle name. It told me to push 1 if that was me, so I did, then a person came on and asked was it me and when I said yes they hung up on me.

12/12: Conversion Outsourcing, Inc this is a debt collector

12/17: called from columbia, sc

12/18: no info on caller, just call after call with identification of caller

12/18: Inter Media Communications Calls daily, never leaves a message They are calling looking for my ex who has run up a huge credit card debt. And they expect me to pay it. It was, however, written off by the bank years ago so these people are fraudulent debt collectors and can't do anything to anyone no matter how nasty they get. We've been through this with them several times.

12/21: Recording in a British accent. Asked for me by first name, middle initial, last name. Gave a few options (connect, hold, etc...) the last being wrong number. I pressed the corresponding number, the recording apologized and hung up. I doubt that's the last of them though.

01/31: Automatic service -

02/26: doesn't leave a message but calls atleast 4 times a week

04/22: How can this be stopped?

06/10: 0calls leave no message everyday

08/18: calls and leaves no message every day, random times

09/27: I call the number back and a man said that he couldn't talk to me because I was not the person they asked for ( my husband) he gave me a different number for my husband to call 18774950400 He said that my husband can talk to any one there

Anything is appreciated!
Possible Owner:
The 803 AreaCode, located in South Carolina, covers a total of 19,293 square miles spanning the state from Shirley to Bowling Green. This caller has been identified to be Lexington county and is a phone type of: Cell Phone.

There are a total of 84 Comments in the 803 AreaCode, which represents a total of 0% of the reports received.
TelemarketerCallerID.com is focused to providing you information on the Potential Owner of the Phone Number: 803-740-3308. We do this by providing an interface for users who have received Calls from these Phone Numbers to post information on their experiences including indicating whether the Caller indicated whether they were a Collection Agency (often collecting for Medical Debts and Obligations) or whether they were general Telemarketers or if they were other harrasing callers.

TelemarketerCallerID.com provides a virtual Reverse Phone Lookup feature for identifying and reporting Collection Agencies and allows users to help identify ways to Stop Collectors by listing the true identity of the caller, being a White Pages for Collection Company.

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