The 800 AreaCode is a Toll Free AreaCode meaning that the location of the Caller could be anywhere in the United States covering a total of 6,159,615 square miles. There are a total of 702 Comments in the 800 AreaCode, which represents a total of 3% of the reports received.

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06/09: Hang up

06/09: no message they hung up

06/21: The guy on the other end of the line could barely speak English and was supposedly taking a survey. The questions he asked were: 1) if anyone in my family or household works for a newspaper, television station, or other type of newsmedia 2) if I was planning to vote Republican in the next Kansas Senate election 3) something else about being Republican. I got the destinct impression that this was no official survey and I asked to hear all the questions before answering any of them.

07/16: Calling up to 3 times daily!!! When I answer they hang up!!!

07/20: Third call today. I answer and wait, after about 20 seconds the phone clicks and that is it. I did call the number and got a recording saying it was a political survey I think. I'm tired of getting these calls.

07/23: I answer and they hang up ..... 4th time today. If the answering machine gets it, they don't leave a message! FRUSTRATING!!!

07/28: No one on the line, then a dial tone. Daily phone calls. Three calls yesterday in two hours. Called number back and received only a recording explaining they were a survey company and therefore exempt from federal no-call list. They would remove our phone number, if we requested, by notifying the interviewer, however there is never anyone on the phone when we answer.

07/28: I have been getting calls from this number up to three times a day for the last week. When I answer, the caller hangs up.

07/29: I get up to three calls daily and no one says anything and no message is left when the answering machine picks up.

08/17: They have called 2 times in the past 20 min, both time we answered they hung up!!!

08/18: 6 calls in 45 minutes tonight ... answered the first one, told them it was after 9 p.m., they hung up. Then repeated callbacks we didn't answer. So annoying!

08/20: Have been receiving these calls 3 times daily. Am on a NO CALL list. Have now turned off our answering machine and WILL NOT pick up the phone until we know who is on the other end! This is very annoying.

08/24: sporadically been calling for months. Today was six times though. Very annoying and harrassing. When you pick up (to tell them off) you get disconnected. When you call the number back you get a pre-recorded message that says they are not subject to the National Do Not Call List and that you have to tell them specifically. Anyone got any great ideas how to stop this?

08/25: 10 calls in last 2 days, all hangups- I call back and get a message, no option to talk to anyone or leave voicemail. Then the calls repeat.

08/25: Receive a call every hour. I answer the phone and no one is there!

08/30: Multiple calls - every time I answer they hang up. When I called back, a recorded message stated it was a Marketing Research organization that conducts telephone research. "We do not with to inconvience you in any way" - you have to actually SPEAK to a person to be removed from their list, which is hard to do since they are continually haning up on me.

08/30: They called after 9 PM (after my kids were put to bed for the first day of school) which set me off. I insisted that I speak to hermanager and she reluctantly provided one. I pressed him for more info about who was calling and he only gave me the company's name as [REMOVED] in Central Florida, but could not pry more info out of him then that. I repeated the info back and he confirmed. I asked if he had a licenese to operate in Florida but he would not give me his lic.#. I stated I was on the Do Not Call Registy, he said he was not selling anything so he could call. I Googled the company name and got the following: [REMOVED]

09/08: I didn't pick up and they didn't leave a message.

09/09: Have called 3 times in about 20 minutes. When picked up they hang up

09/14: Getting calls, and when I answer they hang. I suspect the "survey" explanation is not the truth. I believe they are associated with a collection agency. When you answer the phone, they hang up and update their database that says "so-and-so is home at xyz PM". Gradually, they develop a profile of when you are home so they can more effectively harass you.

09/15: Continuously getting calls for the past week and this time they called at 9:28 p.m., 15 Sept. Once I picked up, they hung up. Called back and they say they are a marketing research company for telephone research and they don't fall under the "Do Not Call List." What a bunch of crap and continuous inconvenience. A report to the FCC along with a "cease and desist" will hopefully fix these problems.

09/16: They called my home at 9:28 pm last night and hung up. I called the number back today to hear a recorded message saying they are a marketing company. Could not get a live person on the phone.

09/16: Edward: Although my company name came up on your Google search, your search was based on incomplete information, so you got the wrong company. We [REMOVED] do not have a toll-free number at all, we do not make calls to consumers for any reason, telemarketing or survey research. Now, because of your incorrect post on this site, some of the many folks who get these 1-800-251-5850 calls are calling us, some very angry, to get off our call list, which we do not maintain anyway, never have, and we have no toll-free number, never have. So I want to officially request that you remove my company name from your post and I also ask the webmaster, or whoever monitors the content of this site, to do the same as soon as possible. I share your frustration with these unsolicited calls, but you have the wrong company and you are now causing us problems because of your inaccurate post. You may be the victim of an unwanted te

09/16: Your Company Name has been removed.

09/20: getting hang ups and even some female laughing.

09/21: Gmrs 712 E New Haven Avenue Melbourne, FL 32901-5431 map Melbourne-Titusville, FL Metro Area Phone: (321) 676-0661 Call them and complain also use the FCC consumer complaint form 2000a

09/25: I think it is a times share company? I heard a little of the conversation, but the person's English was awful!

09/28: no message just hear people in background and typying and breathing in message. They do not say a word. Call my home and office several times without a message. When they hear your voice they hang up. Very frustrating.

09/28: You can stop this constant, annoying calling by: call 321-676-0661 (It is in FL) dial 3 for the company directory dial 105 for the shift manager Tell him/her to remove your number from their call list (they did this instantly for me)

09/28: I also tried the advice to call 321-676-0661, then opt 3 then opt 105. Got a live person at GNS and asked to be put on their Do Not Call list. She asked my phone number and my name, and thanked me (was polite). I gave the requested info. Here's hoping it works.

10/04: IRS Tax collectors?

10/08: Defiantly call 321-676-0661, then opt 3 then opt 105. I was getting 2 calls a day from them before finding this site and calling this number, no calls in a week now.

10/13: I usually don't answer and they do not leave message on voicemail. I answered today. They asked for someone (not me). I told them not here. They just hung up. Call frequently.

10/13: called 321-676-0661, then opt 3 then opt 105, spoke to a person named "Porsche" and asked to be removed from their call list. They said I would be removed. Hopefully that takes care of it.

10/18: called 321-676-0661, then opt 3 then opt 105. Got a live person and asked to be put on their Do Not Call list.

10/25: Calls daily, doesn't leave a message, and when I answered they said they are taking a survey, when I told them not to call they hung up.

12/07: Just received a cal around 7:30pm and they didn't leave a message. I looked up the number online and found this website and called teh 321-676-0661, opt 3, opt 105, gave my telephone number and the woman said my number would be taken off the list. Hope it works. They also said it was a global marketing research for telephone and political research...

12/08: they called last night, 6:05pm, 7:18pm, 7:23pm, 7:27pm, 7:57pm, 8:07pm, 8:10pm, 8:11pm getting a little ridiculous especially after the one time i answered about a week ago, and told them not to call back....

01/04: get caller ID to pick up is to encourage the sleaze

04/14: Keeps calling my home phone number all day and night,...very annoying.

05/24: 18002515850

05/26: a man called with threatening aggressive voice. gave number to return a call to 800-335-1779. don't know who this is.

06/05: say they are a "Survey" caller, they called me 5 times so far today, I told them to put us on a "no call list", hope they stop calling....

07/13: Don't know

07/22: 3 calls tonight. No one there when I answer.

07/24: I answered and got dead air. I said 'Hello' a few times and after I got no response I hung up.

07/28: This company is actually calling a child of mine. They should not be calling a kid. Are they pedophiles? (800)251-5850

07/28: Calls everyday!!! Says nothing and has no affiliation with any company!!!!

09/10: Don't know they did not leave a message

08/09: spoke way too fast...asked for my husband and i said he wasn't home and they hung right up....idiots!

08/10: They refused to talk to me - a male. Hung uo when they heard my voice. They always want my wife o take a survey of some sort. Call ID = Toll Free Caller

08/12: Won't stop getting calls

08/15: This number has called me 2 days in a row (so far) but every time I answer, the caller hangs up. VERY ANNOYING!

09/19: it is simply a market research company doing political surveys. theyre harmless. I spoke to them and they removed my name.

09/27: I've received a call twice today from this number. I picked up the first time there was just silence. They just called back again at almost 9 pm and I didn't answer. Left no message.

10/09: Wanted to speak to the head of the house then hung up

11/20: (800) 251-5850 called twice no message

02/01: Political survey.

02/08: Spam calls several times a day

08/13: A so-called survey company that does hangup calls

08/21: 800 251 5850 Just got noise when I answered.

01/02: ID reads: Toll-Free 800-251-5850 It was 8:20 PM I did not pick up and they did not leave a message.

01/18: doesnt leave any info... dont know who it is... repeatedly calling my cell...

02/13: Calls every few hours. No message

04/15: they wake up and my phone number is on the donot call if they ever call agin I wil call the cops and go to jail, please take this note serouis plese.

04/18: keeps calling without leaving message! Most annoying.

05/07: "Survey" company, DBA several shell corporations in Florida, use several numbers Possible central office: (321) 676-0661 Anthony J Diana X120 Peter Bakiolia Cell (321) 984-9055 Arlene X101

07/27: This number has called both house and cell multiple times each day for a week. They never leave a message and just hang up when the machine answers.

07/31: I don't know anything other than they constantly call and I would like to have them stop calling. They call on my home phone and on my fax line several times throughout the night and day. They do not leave messages. Often when I have picked up other calls from "800 Service" which is what this call is identified as on my caller id - they hang up. When I call the number back it says the number is disconnected or the mailbox is full.

08/24: Called we do not pick up no message left

09/03: I Reported Unscrupulous Scammer (800)-251-5850 a landline from United States to DONOTCALL.GOV that called Tues. 9/2/14 at 5:47pm another hangup & then called back again Wed. 9/3/14 at 2:19pm today - didn't leave a message on my Unlisted Phone number. I never answer the Phone to any calls that I don't recognize & obviously is an invasion of privacy - Message to Harassers: DO NOT CALL.

09/16: Each time they have called there has been no one on the other end. Sometimes it sounds like a machine whirring in the background, other times there is no one there.

09/18: asked for my daughter Told him she wasn't here. thanked me and hung up. slight foreign accent. called twice- 6:21 pm i didn't answer. then again at 8:45 pm 9/18/2014

06/23: Could barely speak English or, apparently, read. Said it was a political survey about NC politics. Questions were phrased in biased way.

Anything is appreciated!
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The 800 AreaCode, located in , covers a total of 6,159,615 square miles spanning the state from to .

There are a total of 702 Comments in the 800 AreaCode, which represents a total of 3% of the reports received.
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