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05/19: Called but left no message. I have found no information beside the number being from Grand Rapids, MI and that it may be Guidance Finance.

05/19: I called back the number, but the machine that picked up said, "The next available agent will be with you shortly." Very vague, so I hung up.

05/23: Called no message and has called several times a day for the past few days.

05/27: CID: Auto Insurance

05/28: Called trying to sell auto insurance. Didn't catch name. Called 10AM Sat morning

05/31: annoying calls

06/01: CID Auto Insurance

06/01: Calls several times a day and hangs up before we can answer. Spammer.

06/03: grand rapids

06/03: Ok Getting same thing they call and hang up. I called number back get answering machine. I told them to quit calling. right away more hang up calls I have reported them to my local authority and they will call and tell them to quit calling my number. I have traced them to grand raped Michigan. i will contact Them Next If it doesn't stop. I will give there number to every internet solicitation company I can fined and flood there phone.

06/05: (616) 885-9300

06/06: KEEPS CALLING!!!! When I answer there is dead air then a hello? I said hello and I was told to hold a moment. I hung up but they are still calling 4-5 times a day.

06/06: Keep getting called from this number, no one ever answers and they don't leave a message.

06/14: 616-980-1306 day and night calls from this number

06/23: Grand Rapids Michigan, no message.

06/25: same as the others. lots of calls no msg.

07/01: calls all day till 8 at night and never says anything

07/01: Auto Insurance 1-616-980-1306 @ 6:54pm July 1, 2011

10/18: Call several times a day.

10/08: Call back, select 2, an automated idiot says you'll be taken off the call list

12/06: Calls several times a day, no one is there when I answer and call-back gets recording about auto insurances quotes. It also states if you want to be removed from their calling list within 24 hours, dial 2. We'll see if that works!

12/18: REPORT THEM TO https://www.donotcall.gov/ every time they call. MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, somebody in the federal government will understand that we are sick and tired of these illegal telemarketers!

01/07: Called me at 7:10 PM with caller ID as "AUTO INSURANCE". Left no message.

01/10: 616-980-1306 grand rapids, michigan , Kent county calls repeatedly then makes a fax like sound I believe this company is harrassing me and I have reported them to my States Attorney

01/10: 616-980-1306 Auto Ins after their greeting pressed 2 to get off their calling list in 24 hrs. Called 6 x,s in 2 days

04/25: Calls almost everyday and sometimes 3 to 5 times a day.

04/25: calls almost everyday.

06/07: Does anyone have student loans, could be Sallie Mae

06/07: Call the number, recording tells you to press 2 to have your number removed.

06/28: called i answered no response didnt answer me

08/15: (616)980-1306 called and asked me about 35% lower car insurance, then tried to get me to respond "yes" several times, I never answer yes, but asked them how they got my UNLISTED number, and that I was on the no call registry.

09/07: 88556699 schenker weeknight Virgina rynn dosage duster cafe ocampo diabolical

Anything is appreciated!
Possible Owner:
The 616 AreaCode, located in Michigan, covers a total of 14,881 square miles spanning the state from Dorr to Carp Lake. This caller has been identified to be Ottawa county and is a phone type of: Cell Phone.

There are a total of 207 Comments in the 616 AreaCode, which represents a total of 1% of the reports received.
TelemarketerCallerID.com is focused to providing you information on the Potential Owner of the Phone Number: 616-980-1306. We do this by providing an interface for users who have received Calls from these Phone Numbers to post information on their experiences including indicating whether the Caller indicated whether they were a Collection Agency (often collecting for Medical Debts and Obligations) or whether they were general Telemarketers or if they were other harrasing callers.

TelemarketerCallerID.com provides a virtual Reverse Phone Lookup feature for identifying and reporting Collection Agencies and allows users to help identify ways to Stop Collectors by listing the true identity of the caller, being a White Pages for Collection Company.

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