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02/08: I have been receiving multiple unsolicited telemarketing call from survey companies, etc. I wish they would STOP!

09/23: The call came in and before I could answer it they hung up. I called the number back and got a busy signal.

09/23: they called me a nigga and said the company was called kill nigger refinance and hung up

Anything is appreciated!
Possible Owner:
The 305 AreaCode, located in Florida, covers a total of 10,287 square miles spanning the state from Key West to Miami. This caller has been identified to be Miami-Dade county and is a phone type of: Paging / Messaging.

There are a total of 106 Comments in the 305 AreaCode, which represents a total of 0% of the reports received.
TelemarketerCallerID.com is focused to providing you information on the Potential Owner of the Phone Number: 305-368-8860. We do this by providing an interface for users who have received Calls from these Phone Numbers to post information on their experiences including indicating whether the Caller indicated whether they were a Collection Agency (often collecting for Medical Debts and Obligations) or whether they were general Telemarketers or if they were other harrasing callers.

TelemarketerCallerID.com provides a virtual Reverse Phone Lookup feature for identifying and reporting Collection Agencies and allows users to help identify ways to Stop Collectors by listing the true identity of the caller, being a White Pages for Collection Company.

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